SITAM-G.V.P.B Engineering Hostel

The hostels at the SITAM-G.V.P. College of Engineering are  not mere places of eat and live.  They, from the beginning, are visualized and made to grow as places supporting learning not only academics but also life skills in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment which the student is going to face when he/she leaves the portals of the institution.  The students are given good space and facilities to live-institution.  The students are given good space and facilities to live-in such that they can just walk-in/walk-out with their personal belongings for/from their stay.  


The mess is maintained with healthy and hygienic preparations and dining area. Caretakers, day and night, have an eye on the movements of students without infringing into their limits of entertainment and personal freedom and at the same time safeguarding hostel discipline.  A high speed wireless connection is made available for those who would like to burn the midnight oil in quest of their extra edge in knowledge to excel in general.  The wardens are also associated with the academics in the college because of which a closer contact with students is made possible.  A senior resident physician who enjoys the profession is available with all first –aid facilities.  In case of emergency, an ambulance will also be ready in compiling with the AICTE norms.