The students with minimum 75% attendance in their Class work are considered as regular and should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner. They should abide by the rules of discipline and conduct as stipulated by the institution from time to time. Attendance less than 65% will not be condoned and 65%-70% may be condoned by JNTU only on medical grounds subject to the condition that the absence is in a single spell and on submission of a medical certificate immediately to the institution after getting recovered from sickness. The conduct of the student should be exemplary not only within the premises of the college but also outside the college premises. This will help in maintaining the prestige and status of the institute. The College has complete authority to suspend, fine, dismiss or to take any action whichever is felt necessary in case of any indisciplinary act done by the students.

In case of any indiscipline, irregularity, default in payment of fee and poor performance or failure in Examinations or any other matter of concern the parents/guardians will be informed for any subsequent corrective action.

Students of SATYA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENT are not permitted to resort to any strikes and/or demonstrations during the period of their stay in the college. Participation in any such activity shall automatically result in her dismissal from the college. Grievances can be represented to the concerned Heads of Departments and the Principal through their nominated class representatives.If the candidate discontinues his/her studies she has to pay the tuition fee & special fee for the balance period to get his/her original certificates.

The parents/guardians should inform any change of their address to Academic and Examinations section of the college.The office bearers of the students association/sports or cultural teams are nominated on the basis of merit in the university examinations. No elections are permitted in the college.Separate Hostel facility is available for boys and girls.The college premises should be kept clean. Writing, sticking up of posters and notices on the building walls are strictly prohibited. The Institute property must be guarded as their own property.